Redefined Enterprise Development


Covers all the features you need to run a small or medium business.

Exceptional accounting and bookkeeping solutions in the most demanding era. Simply put, we let you do what matters most and leave the rest to us.

Inventory Fixed Assets Warehouse Chart of Account
Purchasing Sales Expedition Manufacture
Cash Bank Cheque Cash Advance
Point of Sale Stock Opname Cut Off AR AP
General Ledger Sub Ledger Balance Sheet Trial Balance


We do not shy away from challenges, we welcome them and tame them. We found that dilligent bookkeeping leads to better decision making in anything you do. Thus, we develop and deliver cutting edge bookkeeping solutions utilising advanced methods and technologies


Redefined Enterprise Development

Our newest release software is slick, modern and faster than ever before. It is currently on alpha development. It features our very first VESA, Virtual Enterprise Smart Assistance, which guides you through input, controlling, reporting, and even signals you on accounting areas that needs further attention.
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Virtual Enterprise Smart Assistance. in short, your very own virtual secretary

Office Hour

Prevent your employee to access your apps

Approval System

Gain controll about what's going on in your business


Customize software to meet what you needs

Fast & Lightweight

Feel like a natural app on the device, with an immersive user experience.


Know better your bookkeeping solution.


We serve our subscribers with quality yet affordable solutions. Having wide experience in different arrays of enterpreneural sectors, we stand first to adopt all the latest technologies to provide our clients with some unique, agile, adaptable and highly solutive developments.